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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 28, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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primary showdown, mitt romney and rick santorum locked up in a neck and neck battle as michigan voters cast their ballots. school shooting. witnesses say the teenaged gunman who opened fire at a ohio high school targeted a specific group of students. >> i hope every parent, if you haven't hugged or kissed your kid in the last couple of days, you take your time. >> daytona delay. an explosion on the tracks puts a delay on nascar's biggest race for more than two hours. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen.
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it is primary day in arizona and michigan, high stakes for both mitt romney and rick santorum. a victory could hit a staggering blow to romney's campaign. michigan is the first state to hold the primary. it shows the race neck and neck in a state that was once considered an easy win for mitt romney. susan mcginnis is in detroit with the latest on this. >> reporter: hi, betty. mitt romney needs to win in michigan to avoid an embarrassing defeat in his home state. the polls open in three hours and mitt romney and rick santorum have made their final pitches to voters and taken their final jabs at each other. mitt romney brought out a hometown superstar as he made his final pitch for votes in royal oak, michigan, monday night. kid rock sang the song romney's been using on the campaign
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trail, and hours before the polls opened romney sounded confident. >> i'm going to win in michigan, and i'm going to win across the country. >> reporter: but he's in a virtual tie with rick santorum in michigan, the state where romney grew up. the two traded jabs monday. >> i think to create jobs it helps to have a president who's had a job and i have. >> governor romney uniquely disqualifies himself in this election, the ability to go after president obama on the health care issue. >> reporter: rick santorum's campaign is using automated messages oer robocalls to get so-called reagan democrats to show up. >> on tuesday, join democrats who are going to send a loud message to massachusetts mitt romney by voting for rick santorum for president. >> reporter: romney says the robocalls are a dirty trick.
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ron paul also campaigned across michigan yesterday. the state awards its 30 delegates proportionately, so he's trying to secure some of them. but arizona is winner take all. romney leads there and a double win could give him much needed momentum. now, because michigan awards these delegates proportionally, rick santorum and mitt romney could walk away with about the same number of delegates if the polls are correct. but, betty, again, whoever wins this state is going to have an important psychological advantage. next week ten states hold primaries or caucuses including ohio. a quinnipiac poll yesterday shows rick santorum with a lead but the poll also shows 45% of voters haven't settled on a candidate. it is reported that israel will not warn the united states if it decides to launch a strike
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against iran's facilities. the u.s. has been tried to persuade israelis not to launch an attack. the israelis want to try to limit the backlash against the u.s. now to syria where this morning activists say syrian troops are attacking the city of homs with the heaviest bombardment in the three-week old geej. anti-government officials say 64 people were killed gunned down at a security check point. meanwhile a polish embassy in damascus are trying to have the body of marie colvin shipped home. she was killed in homs last week. in afghanistan the search continues for the afghan policeman accused of killing two american officers. the two were killed at their desks last saturday in the afghan interior ministry. they were killed in apparent pay back for the burning of islamic hole ary books at a u.s. base.
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the one soldier's children say he was a good man. >> he'd say take care of mommy, take care of my sweetheart if anything happens to me. so that's what we're going to do. >> more than 30 people were killed in the protest following the koran burning. the one student was killed four other wounded two are listed in critical conditions. classes at chardon high school 30 miles east of cleveland are canceled today. we have more. >> reporter: hundreds of students gathered in the town square for a candlelight vigil for the victims of monday's shooting. >> this day is a day of heart breaks. >> reporter: it was 7:30 in the morning. nate was sitting with friends at a cafeteria table at the chardon
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high school. that's when the teenaged gunman approached. >> he pulled one shot that all made us look and then i watched him fire another. >> reporter: he said the gunman never said a word. >> he was dead silent the entire time. didn't say anything before or during. >> reporter: when it was over, five students were shot. mueller himself was grazed by a bullet that nicked his ear. >> it's unimaginable. you don't think of it happening to you. >> reporter: he was arrested about a half mile from school in his car. authorities say he was carrying a .22 caliber semiautomatic pistol and ammunition. >> he actually turned himself in to a couple of innocent bystanders north of the city here in chardon township. >> reporter: lane told authorities he was being bullied by some of those shot and the shooting was in retaliation.
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>> i hope every parent, if you haven't hugged orr kissed your kid in the last couple of days take your time. >> reporter: authorities say lane is cooperating. in o'news, the trial resumes today for a former rutgers university student charged with a hate crime that may have led to his roommate's suicide. a key prosecution within molly wei testified yesterday. she was arrested with him. she says she saw him activating the camera. >> we were both kind of shocked like i can't believe i saw what he did. inish will i we were saying we couldn't tell anybody what happened. >>way says he didn't intend to
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intimidate him. clemente committed suicide days later. a 10-year-old joanna ramos had fought with another girl. they tried to save her life after the fight on friday. they say she died of a rare blood clot on her brain. police are investigating and have made no arrests. >> coming up on the morning news, an emergency landing at one of nation's busiest airports. plus he won on as car for playing a greedy stockbroker. now michael douglas is saying greed is bad. this is the "cbs morning news."
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british police moved in early today and dismantled the campsite of occupy london protesters at st. paul's cathedr cathedral. there was no violence. but there was trouble yesterday in sacramento, california. occupy protesters clashed with another group protesting
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violence in south africa. police moved in and two officers were injured. three members of the occupy group were arrested. a jetliner was forced to make around emergency landing at any wark, new jersey, airport. there were 71 people aboard last night's flight from atlanta. no one was hurt. federal safety officials will open an investigation today. on the "cbs moneywatch," the nation's biggest bank is accused of discrimination. and the man who played gordon gecko says greed is bad. ashley has more on that. good morning, ashley. good morning. tokyo's nikkei gained 1%. on wall street investors will gem home prices on home prices. the dow lost a point, while the nasdaq gained two. an attempt by some erins to raise prices isn't getting off
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the ground. big carriers like unite and continental are rolling back some of their fare increases. they made that decision after carriers like southwest would not match the increase. the federal government is accusing bang of america of diggs krimm nating against disabled borrowers. the department of housing and urban development says b of a posed some unnecessary requirements on loan seekers relying on disability income. bank of america did not engage in a practice of discrimination. and michael douglas is helping the fbi fight inside trading. he's appearing in a public service announcement. he played in the movie wall street. his character's signature line is "greed is good." greed is not good but i liked him in that role.
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degrees. time now for a check of the national forecast. wind-driven snow will spread from the da cotas in the upper midwest. you can look for thunderstorms from the central plains to lower ohio valley, and from texas and oklahoma into the lower mississippi valley. rain and mountain snow will fall from the northwest, and northern california into the rockies. in sports, they saw fire, and they saw rain, but the skies finally cleared last night. it was off to the races at the daytona 500. in just the second lap, though, a crash took out half a dozen cars. look at that. including danica patrick. she returned to the race, finished 38. with 40 laps to go, something broke on juan pablo montoya's car. it hit a track drying truck carrying 2,000 gallons of jet fuel that erupted into flames. montoya and the truck driver were okay but it shut down the
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race for two hours. it was nearly 2 a.m. when matt kenseth final took the flag. 0th ranked notre dame took on georgetown. they lead t. george touchb won it, 59-14. in nhl, action, los angeles at nashville. in the second period, patric hornqvist put the predators up 2-0 with a shot off the rebound and nashville goalie pekka reknee made 30 saves. >> when we return, leadership meltdown. a dramatic look at early missteps by japanese officials in last year's nuclear plant crisis. my name is brad anderson and i'm a master roaster at starbucks coffee. brian hayes. i'm a master roaster at starbucks coffee. sitting right here we have 40 years of roast experience. how can we use that and do more with it? new starbucks blonde roast was created
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., sunny, 51,
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atlanta, mostly sunny, 70. detroit, clouds, 37, clouds in denver, 41, seattle, 47. hear's another look at this morning's top stories. there are primaries today in arizona and michigan. mitt romney is expected to be the winner in arizona. but it is a neck and neck race between romney and rick santorum in michigan. a vigil was held last night for the victims of a shooting at an ohio high school. one student was killed, four others wounded when a teenaged gunman walked into the cafeteria and opened fire yesterday morning. >> in health news a warning on the risk of taking sleeping pills. a new study found that people who took prescription sleeping pills like ambien, lieu is ta and others were four times likely to die than those who did not. they noted an elevated risk of some types of cancers.
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another study found a link between drinking diet soda and heart disease. the study involved more than 2,500 people age 40 and over. it found that those who drank diet soda daily had an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and death. more representatisearch is need a spokesman from the fukushima power plant disaster says as bad as it was, it could have been worse. they even considered evacuating tokyo, a town that has 35,000 people. >> reporter: in the hours after the tsunami struck the plant, that's pictures that appear in a new report based on people who withined it. fudge yamma was the adviser. we managed on an emergency mission basis. japanese officials struggled to
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grasp the size of the catastrophe. as we listened to our top nuclear experts we politicians had no idea what they were talking about. would this be another chernobyl or three mile island? no one could give us a straight answer. after 300 interviews the report pointed the finger at the plant's operator, tokyo electric. he was the lead investigator. >> no question that tepco, the power company, was primary to blame. they were unprepared for this complicated nuclear accident. >> reporter: unprepared for a power failure and without the electricity, the cores of the reactor couldn't stay cool, triggering explosions and meltdowns. the government's own regulators failed to have an plrj plan in a magnitude 9 earthquake struck. with the sketchy reports the
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government began to fear the worst, a massive cloud of radiation would cover entire tokyo region and force the evacuation of 35 million people. >> they believe we are very much close to this worst-case scenario. >> reporter: in desperation the government discussed sending in a suicide squad, men over 65. he said he'd lead the team. terrified doesn't begin to describe how we felt. months later i was overwhelmed by our inability. the radiation is still too high for residents to return, and clean-up of the plant is forecast to take 40 years. lucy craft, cbs news, tokyo. a cruise ship stranded in a pirate invested region off the indian ocean is being pulled to shore. it was traveled from madagascar when it lost power yesterday
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good morning. welcome to 9news. today is tuesday, february 28. thank you for being here. i'm mike hydeck. here is monika santami and
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howard bernstein. you know how carol burnett said hi to her grandma? every time i give monika a little tap. weather wise we have colder temperatures today but still not bad. yesterday 64. it was a lovely day. today about 10 degrees colder than that. we'll be in the mid-50s. we do have clear skies. cooler air moving in. 45. we'll dip a few more degrees and be 43 at nine. noon near 50. today a high of 55 or so. not bad but just not as comfortable as it was yesterday. upstairs right now, it's pretty quiet. a little front slipping through the region. that's giving us the cooler temperatures. we're actually in the mid-30s. 37 in orange. light winds. they have the radiation cooling. this is the actual colder air coming in with 45 here in d.c.
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manassas 43. 37 now in frederick. then this afternoon not bad at all. sunshine, north winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. lower 50s for hagerstown and winchester. about 55 in d.c. some of our southern suburbs might make the upper 50s. all in all a nice day with the average high now 50. we'll take 55. looks like some rain moving in tomorrow. more on that in a few. 4:27, it's monika santami with time saver traffic giving you the construction delays. there are a lot of construction delays and points you want to be aware of, especially right here on the west side of town on the inbound side of the dulles toll road between spring hill and the beltway. you cannot go further than the beltway. you're exiting over to the outer loop of the beltway and looking for the signs for 267 to get back on track. also on the inbound side of 66, construction, you see how slow it is here trying to exit on to the beltway about 25 miles an hour because the left side of
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the roadway is blocked there as well. we'll go over to the northbound side of i-95 right now. looking final here down in woodbridge as you head up toward spring field. we'll take a live look a little further north. if you're planning to head to 395 near duke street, no problems. the north side of town no problems on 270. we'll take a live look at the beltway at river road on our mdot camera and we're looking good on the west side between the american legion bridge and silver spring. coming up in my next report, more on area roadways at 4:39. it is republican primary day in arizona and michigan. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum trails former massachusetts governor mitt romney in arizona. he has the endorsement of governor jan brewer. >> the race is neck and neck in michigan. susan mcginnis has the latest from detroit. >> everywhere i go kid rock. >> reporter: mitt romney brought out a hometown superstar has he made his final pitch for votes in royal oak,
4:29 am
michigan monday night. kid rock sang the song romney's been using on the campaign trail and hours before the polls opened, romney sounded confident. >> i'm going to win in michigan and i'm going to win across the country. >> reporter: but he's in a virtual tie with rick santorum in michigan, the state where romney grew up. the two traded jabs on monday. >> it helps to have a guy as president who has had a job. >> reporter: santorum says romney can't defeat the president. >> governor romney uniquely disqualifies himself on the biggest issue in this general election. the ability to go after barack obama on the government takeover of health care. >> reporter: democrats here in michigan can vote in the republican primary. rick santorum's campaign is using automated messages or robo calls to get so-called reagan democrats to show up. >> on tuesday join democrats who are going to send a loud message to


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